Self-Mastery & the Resurgence of Ancient Wisdom

Circulating Inspiration
I keep coming across people traveling parallel paths, as I mentioned in my last blog post. The Urban Villager is one example. Others I follow include: Green, Eggs and Cans; Greener Me; The Greening of GavinThe Ecotone Exchange; The Self Sufficient HomeAcre; and others I will eventually reblog or mention in a post. I gave up Facebook to seek more trustworthy sources of information, and I ended up finding it as well as inspiration. As The Urban Villager demonstrates, the green movement spans the globe, and people around the world are transforming their corners of the planet. I’m pleased to play my part.

Urban Villager

“One day, I’ll travel the world.” “One day I’ll SAVE the world.”  “One day, I’ll start my own business.”  “One day I’ll quit this job I hate and actually do something I enjoy.”  “One day, one day, one day…”

I regret to inform you but if your aspirations sound like this, that “one day” will never come. This type of sentence structure subconsciously puts you into fairy-tale-mode with no real hope of actually achieving anything, only dreaming about it.

It is beautiful and necessary to dream, but if you don’t associate that dream with a measurable time frame and a plan of action, chances are, it will never happen.

This is why I have applied specific and measurable goals to my dream of building a Green City. Although these are small initial steps, these humble beginnings are necessary to create the foundation for achieving any objective. After all…

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