Sustainable Living: Big Picture, Baby Goals (Week 4)

Sticking to my goal this week, I planted a variety of organic vegetable seeds in eggshells: green beans, kale, tomatoes, peas, carrots, spinach, sweet red peppers, and zucchini. They are sitting on a temporary shelf my husband installed for me in the big picture window among my husband’s rescued hibiscus and other plants.

DSCN1149 DSCN1152

In the next week, I plan to plant some herbs, potatoes, and flowers, and then I should be all set for gardening this summer.

While reading other blogs and sites on gardening this past week, I learned that I should not throw our coffee grounds and eggshells in the trash ever again. They make great fertilizer for the garden as well as for shrubs and trees. Saving these is one more practice that contributes to my goal of waste reduction.

Another practice I started this week will also help me reduce waste. In fact, I will no longer need to use toilet paper, which I have despised for many years. It drives me crazy that TP is considered necessary. I don’t know why I never figured out an alternative until this week, but I’m glad for it now. I was reminiscing about post-pregnancy activities (12 years ago for me), and I remembered that I had to use a squirt bottle to wash every time I used the bathroom. Voila! Solution to the TP dilemma found. It seems so silly now because I was prepared to wait for a time when I could install a bidet! Anyway, I will invest in some small dry cloths to set near the commode. Squirt, dry, done! No TP! Now to get the rest of my family to change their ways!

For next week, my goal will be to finish planting and start making some recipes out of The Homemade Pantry.

Thanks for reading!

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